Some of the many words of praise for our work! More will be posted soon…

“Today was a very emotional day. I learned a lot and came up with some ideas [for] how to do more at our next event…

“We did a thing! Street Care’s Day of Outreach to Homeless Families and Individuals.

“Learned so much and gave away almost everything I had on me….

“[A lady] was asking for something to help her carry her trash bags. I didn’t hear her. As Tyler and I were putting a rolling cart [away], Tyler said, ‘Mom, isn’t that what she is asking for?’ I had no idea. I told him he could go give it to her if that’s what he heard. Sure enough.”
—Tiffany McDonald, Volunteer

“Having volunteered at Bright Mind and Street Care for 6 months I would like to express my gratitude to the organization by donating $100 from my salary to Bright Mind on a monthly basis. I am thankful and grateful to the organization for supporting me through this year [2020] of such difficult times.”
—Team member, Street Care/Bright Mind (anonymous)

“I was very fortunate to attend a program and receive so much support, and to learn a lot. This has increased my confidence moving forward. I want to thank you.”

“A Saturday of service at Street Care’s Day of Outreach to Homeless Families and Individuals [on behalf of GivingTuesdayMilitary] gave this military spouse a big helpin’ of much-needed perspective!” 
Hope Guinn Bradley, Volunteer

“I want to live up to the label of “Philanthroprenuer,” and I formed my production company this May for the purpose of helping those in need. Thanks to the opportunity from Bright Mind,  I was able to secure commercial clients with the videos I created for Street Care and was able to  donate over $1,000 of my revenue this year towards resources for Street Care. Plus I  volunteered about 110 hours for Street Care and Bright Mind. I hope to help more as I grow my business.”
—Ryan “Snacks” Miller, Street Care National Co-Spokesperson