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Street Care

Locations: Texas


Our organization is committed to assist communities by offering a range of life-skills support services. Our mentors use a holistic approach to provide one-to-one mentoring to vulnerable populations with essential tools for their success.

Our Street Care Homeless Services

Our street care initiative provides support to people struggling with homelessness and low income families.
Our group provides a Street Care direct outreach program to people in need.

Community Engagement

This program delivers groceries and other life essentials to families struggling economically.

Team Leaders

Alecia Summers, Coordinator

Alecia Summers is in charge of mentoring and professional development services at Bright Mind. She also serves as the coordinator for both our California and Texas chapters and contributes her expertise to our Education team.
Alecia holds impressive academic credentials, with master’s degrees in both Special Education and Business Administration. With over two decades of professional experience, Alecia’s heart beats for service. She has played various roles throughout her career, including special education teacher, certified career coach, autism advocate, and project manager. Her diverse professional and academic journey showcases her outstanding leadership abilities and her commitment to serving and helping empower others.

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