As disabled veterans, we are constantly trying to help our community. By joining the Street Care all-volunteer team, we have been able to aid hundreds of homeless people, 1-to-1. Street Care’s expert-crafted tools include a new app. We help you help people in profound need. Please volunteer, or give to our Doubled-Donations fundraiser.

Street Care App

Street Care provides dozens of short videos and other info to prepare you to go out, connect with others, and impact the lives of homeless people –through sharing healthy items, wellness education, goal-reinforcement, and community-building.

Every day, individual acts and well wishes for homeless people fall like drops of rain on countless city streets. Each raindrop is essential on its own, but with Street Care we can pool our abilities and resources. Check out our website and store (items sold at-cost to be accessible) for more info and support to help homeless families and individuals.

Street Care has helped 1000+ people, with donations of 10,000+ clothing and food items, attracting 250+ volunteers. We were honored twice this Fall and have carried out a bunch of outreach events in different regions (with strict COVID-19 restrictions).

Our events also encourage homeless volunteers, who have offered many hours of service! We have helped a range of people, from those quite near to overcoming homelessness, to a young man with terminal cancer. We and partner organizations provide a weeklong homeless shelter annually, as well.

Urgent health and wellness efforts can be enhanced by the power of tech to bring about transformative outcomes and help people make it off the street. Please join us.

Minute-long how-to videos prepare you and then guide you while on the street

Street Care is an initiative of Bright Mind Enrichment, a 501(c)(3) wellness education non-profit organization. With COVID-19 halting Bright Mind’s regular educational work, we felt compelled to launch Street Care to help people in ever-greater need. Also, recently Bright Mind’s first Micro School opened, educating young children full-time.

For the cost of 1 store-bought coffee, we can serve 170 homeless people a cup of hot coffee this winter. If you donate now, your gift will be matched. Whether you give $1 or $100, or more, it will be doubled.

Last week we succeeded in completing a match fundraiser, leading the matching donor to offer a 2nd fundraiser: all donations will be doubled if we can raise $1500 by the end of the year.* And a 3rd match fundraiser will follow after the new year if we succeed! So please donate now —your donation will go a very long way.

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We are beyond excited about this project! Will you join us to help bring about transformative change for those in need? 

Very respectfully,

Ryan “Snacks” Miller
Lieutenant Commander (Retired), US Navy 

Erica Tillman
Veteran, US Air Force 

Spokespeople, Street Care

Street Care is brought to you by Bright Mind, which is recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to Bright Mind are tax-deductible to the full extent of US law. Federal Tax I.D. # 37-1902477.

Our large all-volunteer team has dedicated thousands of hours to helping heal social problems. This is just the beginning.

We are proudly a 100% volunteer-based organization! If you are interested in learning more about the kind of work we do and how you can help, email us at [email protected].

We hope you will donate now and spread the word.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us!

*We will announce when the full amount has been raised.